It’s difficult to express what “being” means to me, but here’s my attempt. When I am simply being I can experience a myriad of feelings and emotions. An extraordinary synchronization takes place; my inner wisdom and consciousness become one, and I am gifted with the ability to recognize and acknowledge the spiritual qualities within me. This distinctive insight provides me with a sense of balance, wholeness, and completeness. While in this blissful state, my energy radiates joy and I understand my inherent connection to all of life. I am blessed! I find I encounter the state of being most often while living in the moment, paying attention to nature, spending time with people I care deeply about and during meditative journeys. I feel Wilfred A. Peterson’s “The Art of Being” sums it up nicely: “The art of being is the assumption that you may possess, this very minute those qualities of spirit and attitudes of mind that make for radiant living…..It is being great now, being forgiving now, being tolerant now, being happy now……instead of postponing positive and constructive living to some vague and indefinite future…..It is developing an awareness of the infinite possibilities in each magic moment.”

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