Gratitude is a feeling of thankfulness felt in the heart. It happens when we are grateful for what we have, rather than what we don't have. I believe we spend too much time concentrating on what we consider our life to be lacking. It seems to be easier to focus on what we want rather than appreciate what we already have. There is a line in one of Cheryl Crow’s songs that sums it up for me, “It’s not having what you want; its wanting what you’ve got”.

Some of the things I treasure are:

*Quality time spent with those I love

*Being able to embrace who I am including my flaws and imperfections

*Knowing that I have many gifts to share with the world which is an honor and a privilege

*I am in awe of nature and my innate connection to it and all of life

*The ability to feel things so deeply

When we take the time to acknowledge our blessings it prevents us from taking them for granted. Being able to recognize the value of what we have somehow makes what we don’t have seem less important.

What are you grateful for?

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