Our Amazing Sense of Smell

One day while walking my dog I was stopped in my tracks by the distinct smell of someone’s pipe tobacco. For some reason the smell was familiar to me although I could not place where I would have smelled it before. I lingered a moment taking in a deep breath of the semi-recognizable scent and all at once experienced a surprising mixture of emotions; happiness, security, love and joy. For three days I could not stop thinking about that smell or how it had affected me. I found myself reminiscing about my childhood. I was about 5 or 6 playing at my grandma’s and grandpa’s house. I loved spending time there simply because I felt so loved and secure. My memory was of Grandpa smoking a pipe as he did back then. Suddenly, it came to me, as clear as if it had happened only yesterday; I was able to remember the smell of the pipe tobacco he used. It was the same scent I had recently encountered! Oh what a wonderful memory! It actually brought me to tears, of happiness.

I was astonished that an aroma could trigger such sentimental sensations for me. Are there scents that bring back nostalgic memories for you?

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