Preparing the Land

While driving by a large agricultural field recently I noticed it to be well maintained, manicured and freshly plowed. It appeared to me that the farmers must be getting ready to plant produce.

I know that a lot of work goes into growing crops and preparing the land is the first step. This includes soil preparation, nutrient management, pest management, irrigation and drainage, to name just a few. All of this must be arranged before the seeds can be planted. This process continues even after the crop is harvested. The land is continually managed in order to yield an abundant and healthy crop.

This is inspiring as it may be seen as a model for our own life. By “preparing the land” so to speak, we prepare the mind, body, spirit and emotions so they are capable of functioning at peak performance. A few examples of what this means to me include:

Minimizing stress

Laughing, belly laughing


Unplugging from technology

Setting aside time to simply “be”

Spending time in nature

Proper nutrition

Physical activity

Practicing gratefulness and forgiveness

What steps do you take to ensure you can live the best life you possibly can?

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