Sacred Spaces

My definition of a “sacred space” is a special place that can be either human-made or natural. It is a space dedicated to a sacred purpose. And that purpose is to co-create with Spirit, forming a reality that transcends our fears bringing to light, the sacred. Where the past, present and future are one. In this sacred space, a holiness is deeply felt, perhaps not in a way that is easily explained, yet there is no denying the feeling itself.

Initially, while thinking about my sacred space, my first inclination was to write about being in nature as it has been (and continues to be) a tremendous source of comfort. Now that I have put some thought into it, I realize that I have numerous sacred spaces. Besides being in nature, I consider the bathtub and two other rooms in my home sacred spaces. I am usually able to attune easily to Spirit while in these specific places. And no words need be spoken aloud for there is so much to be heard. My only job is, to become still and quiet immersing myself fully, into my six senses. Sometimes this is not as easy as it sounds. Why is it so difficult? Why is my physical body not capable of relaxing? Why can I not stop thinking about what happened yesterday or my grocery list for later? I often find myself having to reign my thoughts back to the here and now. I honor these moments as well, understanding that I am human; and in my human-ness it is not always possible to disengage from ego. However, when I am willing to relinquish the incessant dialogue in my head, I can fully connect; and it is then I am rewarded with joy, love and an innate feeling of union to the world around me. It is only then I am able to appreciate something greater than myself. Honestly, this feeling is not something that can easily be described in words; it is only understood by the experience itself.

During the times that I am able to become the silence, I feel a profound sense of belonging and a knowing that all is as it should be. There is no rush or longing to be anywhere else, I’ve come home. And this is when all of my worries, concerns and the daily trials and tribulations drop away. This is when and where the core of my wholeness is fully exposed to me and I know who I truly am.

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