Seeing With Fresh Eyes

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

This morning, while on my walk, I decided to try and notice at least 6 new things (a game I sometimes play). What started out as a way to simply amuse myself turned into a magical and mindful experience that really made the walk more meaningful for me and for my fur-baby girls, Stella and Rosebud.

Another part of “the game” is to use all of my senses to observe what I can hear, see, smell, taste and touch. I also notice what I feel, using my intuition. Here’s what I got:

Right now, the pine trees are heavily laden with pine cones and there’s lots of light green moss hanging on the trees. Many flowers are blooming and the manzanita's are a beautiful bright red.

I heard a gaggle of geese, a blue jay’s protective warning to its mate and the flapping of quail wings as they heard the girls and I approach.

The smell of sage, eucalyptus and a distant fireplace were quite strong. There were many other scents I could not identify.

As I walked against the wind, I tasted eucalyptus and the brisk breeze as it pushed me back making it difficult to move forward.

Spider webs touched my face as I unwittingly walked through their silken string and I felt a chill all the way to my bones as I stepped into a cold pocket of air and the temperature dropped quickly and briefly.

My intuition gifted me the peace and serenity available to us when we live in the present moment; it felt as if time stopped and stood still. Even dogs felt it. My knowing sensed a deep bond to all of life, nature, its inhabitants and the living breathing earth itself that we all share together. In that state, I became inherently aware of our connection to one another, all of us living here, on this planet. I believe this knowledge was a gift. One for me to share with others, yet available to all who are willing to see life with a renewed sense of wonder, with fresh eyes.

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