Surrender into the Void

Relax into the void of nothingness. Allow yourself to find peace in the quietness of this place. Honor this time, this pause; honor yourself for creating this space and for giving yourself this gift. The gift of being not doing. Breathe deeply releasing any negativity you may be holding onto. Surrender into the void.

Notice how the quiet of “nothingness” sounds, looks, smells, tastes, and feels; get comfortable with it, be in the moment; for this is when being fully present has the ability to change us, enhancing our sixth sense, our intuition. This sacred time of being not doing is when we develop and deepen, our insight increases, our perception and consciousness expand, both individually and collectively. The door opens connecting us to our higher power, whatever that may be. Trusting and allowing, knowing we are safe, letting love in while releasing all fear, negativity and that which no longer serves us.

It is during this magical time that we have the ability to find ourselves, not by getting more but by being more. It is a time in which we cultivate an awareness of the infinite possibilities in each magical moment within oneself. Savior it, for it is powerful and divine!

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