Teachers and Students

We are all teachers and students alike. I often find that when I am helping others I tend to consider myself a teacher. Not in the traditional sense since I don’t have a teaching degree, nor do I believe I am better or smarter than anyone else. I have a gift which involves a unique intuitive perspective, a knowing and I assist others in realizing they too have special gifts. Each one of us does. Then there are times when I am the student and more often than not, I am surprised to find my teacher is someone who treats me in a way I do not like or appreciate. When this occurs, I will admit, I am not always capable of immediately identifying it as a lesson. Eventually I move past it and understand it for what it truly is; a valuable opportunity to progress and evolve through the experiences I have and the people I encounter. Sometimes, those we least expect to learn from present us with the greatest wisdom, discernment and insights.

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