The Suitcase

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

There’s a visual tool I use when looking at my problems.

emotional suitcase

I visualize myself dragging around a suitcase (the suitcase being my problems) attached at my ankle.  During my younger years I plodded through life accumulating things, both good and bad and put them into that suitcase. All through the years I continued doing this and occasionally my suitcase would pop open (inevitably at the worst time possible) yet still, I did not bother to take a look, I simply slammed it shut and went  on with my life. This pattern continued through my late thirties, early forties; this is when the suitcase began to fly open more frequently. 

“It is at this point I have the epiphany; my suitcase is too full to stay shut which is why it keeps opening more and more often.”

For some reason I felt as if I needed to save everything in my suitcase whether it served me well or not.  I now decide that I have a choice to either deal with my suitcase constantly springing open or to take a look at some of the stuff I have amassed and determine whether or not it is useful to me anymore.  I then began to sort through the stuff I had collected. 

I feel fortunate to have made the choice to take a look because by doing so I reminisce about some  pretty wonderful memories; I also have the opportunity to rid myself of some of the not so great stuff, removing the dead weight, letting go and freeing myself from the past. 

There is still much to go through, and as I continue to sift through the contents of my suitcase I recognize it is a significant part of my journey.

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