My name is Susan Hurst

and I believe that all individuals have the potential to create the life they desire.


For most of my life I perceived myself as a bad person and my self-talk, (what I thought about myself) was negative and demeaning; mimicking what was often told to me as a child.  As a result, I became overweight, had low self esteem, and made poor behavior choices.  I also saw myself as a victim.  This pattern continued through much of my adulthood.  

Fortunately, I recognized my self-talk had to change in order to overcome my own long-held self-defeating patterns and belief’s.  Learning simple techniques such as positive thinking, affirmations, meditation, and to trust and follow my intuition gave me the resilience and determination to succeed.  My mental, physical, spiritual, social and emotional health flourished.  It was also an empowering lesson; that we have some control over our lives, based on our attitude and the choices we make.

I've worked with both children and adults.  My experience with children includes working for Santa Barbara County Education, Special Education Department and the Lompoc Boys and Girls Club.  During my employment at the Lompoc Boys and Girls Club, I taught teenage students a state funded program called “Becoming a Responsible Teen”, (BART).  BART was an HIV/AIDS Sexual Awareness Program which incorporated life skills, including safe sex, and self-esteem into its curriculum.   I also taught the BART Program to students at Maple High School, Lompoc, including young parents in the Cal-Safe Program as part of their health curriculum.  Many asked why I wanted to teach this program to students who already had “unsafe” sex.  My theory was that just because they’d had unsafe and/or unprotected sex didn’t mean that they wouldn’t do it again unless they became educated about it.  The student feedback was (and continues to be) quite rewarding as I am still approached by past students who share how much this program changed their lives.  

My Story:

In 2003 I earned my Associates Degree at Alan Hancock College and my Bachelors of Science in Health and Wellness with Kaplan University, graduating Summa Cum Laude, in 2011.  I was on the Dean’s Honors List once and the President’s Honors List six times while attending school there.  

I have donated my time teaching a curriculum I created called “Beingwhole” to adult cancer survivors at the Mission Hope Cancer Center, Marion Regional Medical Center in Santa Maria, CA and to children at the Lompoc and Santa Maria Boys and Girls Club.  I taught meditation classes at the Dick DeWees Senior Center, Lompoc, CA.  In fact, I continue to host that class from my home to some of the same students.  

It is my passion, focus and mission to empower, enhance and inspire others to live a whole life comprised of mental, physical, spiritual, social and emotional health and well-being.  Each of these is inextricably interconnected to the other and plays a significant role in creating a healthy, harmonious and well balanced life.  I would be honored to "hold the light" for you on your quest for growth, expansion and development.


With Love and Light, 

Susan Hurst




When I started meeting with Susan, I did not know anything about Life Coaching. I was seeking answers and help to get through an unmanageable situation in life. From the very beginning starting with meditation, Susan helped me focus on how I could achieve my goal. She asked questions that led me to solid decisions. Susan is sensitive and supportive and provided me with various tools to help as I encountered each new day. I found that Susan is an awesome Life Coach filled with knowledge and expertise. She encouraged me in every step that I have taken and believes in me. My life would not be the same if I had not met Susan. I remember her saying: “This is a journey. Trust yourself”.

 Thank you, Susan!


Working with Susan has been a great experience!! I have deeply connected with her and gained much powerful insight that will help me face my many life challenges! She is an amazing life coach! 


I had met Susan over 5 years ago when she instructed a of group of us in  Basic Meditation at the Senior Center in town.  Wow, it's unbelievable how much I've grown over the years.  I have learned so much through her guidance and technique to see life in a different light.  Whether it's looking inside myself or understanding the way others tick, the knowledge I've gained is overwhelming.  Mindfulness, Guided meditation, drum circles, crystals, flame gazing, Chakra awareness the list goes on and on.  Susan's approach to mediation and finding one's self has expanded my horizons and undoubtedly made me a better human being.  Thanks Susan.


When I first started working with Susan, my goal was to find the strength to remove myself from a toxic situation. What I received was so much more. Not only did she help with that particular situation, Susan delved deeper into how I arrived in the situation and why I felt trapped and unable to extract myself. In doing so, Susan helped me find a set of tools I can use in every aspect of my life to make decisions from a grounded place of strength instead of guilt and obligation.

During each session, Susan was fully present and ready and willing to discuss any issue or topic I wanted to work on that particular day. She was also open to sharing her personal experiences when pertinent to the issue I had at hand which strengthened my connection to her and offered new possible solutions for me. Further, Susan supplied me with a variety of other resources to use between our sessions to support our work; resources I can use daily to continue to empower myself and work toward a whole life well-being.

Although my process continues, I can now move forward in my life using my set of tools to make healthy decisions for myself and find balance in my life. Thank you, Susan!


It is a great pleasure to recommend Susan as a life coach. Her commitment to my goal inspired me to dig deeper into my own thought processes that were holding me back and the revelations I experienced were remarkable.  Her genuine concern in helping me achieve my goal boosted my confidence to continue pursuing it even when I felt it was too difficult.  Her flexibility and friendly professionalism made our coaching sessions productive and memorable and I look forward to working with her again.  


Susan has a very positive, caring and calming manner about her. It was gratifying to look at my life holistically and then to focus on the areas that I really wanted to improve. I found our sessions to be a pleasurable experience that provided positive reinforcement that helped me identify with the changes I wanted to make. Susan has enabled me to make these changes and has left me with some valuable tools. I will be forever grateful.


I've known Susan for 6 years. She is one of the most positive people I have ever known. She always has something good to say no matter what the situation. I always feel good after talking with her. She rates five stars out of five with me


Just a quick note of thanks...

Because of your knowledge and patience, I am meditating almost every day! I find it to be the best stress reliever and I want you to know how proud I am of myself and how grateful I am for you!  Thank you for your leadership.

With a peaceful heart.



Thank you so much for being the wonderful teacher, seeker and trainer that you are.

I have learned so much from our monthly meditation meetings.  The exercises that you

bring and the experiences you provide have been motivational, inspiration, challenging, fun and insightful.  I have learned much about my own thoughts, strengths and frailties and how to get in touch with my inner thoughts.


Your patience, leadership, vast knowledge of people, growth, the spirit and inner wisdoms, have given me opportunities to get in touch with thoughts, fears and wishes deep inside myself.  This is not easy and I appreciate the atmosphere and encouragement you provide such that our personal spirituality is able to surface and be shared in a safe and positive atmosphere.


I can’t thank you enough for the opportunities you have provided, the encouraging environment in which we work

as both individuals and a small group. 

With love and appreciation!



 I assumed the sessions would be like the ones I had experienced from friends taking courses in life coaching....setting goals, a sense that I had best attain the goals,  something I have never been good at.  


Susan's approach was refreshing.  I felt as if she held out her hand as an offer to travel on a path of discovery and from that discovery came a flicker of light that I could follow either with her help in the next session or even on my own.  She had a way to pull away the "wool" so to speak.   Her tools allowed me to see obstacles,  where they came from and what they needed from me.  On more than a few occasions I felt  a deep shift with in my conciousness.  From these shifts, changes have taken place, of which I am grateful.  


Susan has a unique skill

and gift.


Thank you Susan for the invitation.


"Susan's life coaching style is both impressively professional, yet refreshingly personable.


On one hand, Susan is able to wield a variety of expert level coaching techniques during our time together. These techniques have made it possible for me to make breakthroughs in my life and grow in my own personal development. 


On the other hand, Susan is enjoyably relational in her approach, always keeping the environment relaxed, safe and fun. I felt very comfortable working with Susan and opening up to her in a very short amount of time, which made our work together that much more powerful.


It's a privilege to recommend Susan to others!"

 I finally lived happily ever after. Not because my life is  perfect and I don’t struggle with adversity like everyone else,  but instead I’ve learned to navigate crisis with  confidence and resilience.  I am now able to see  challenges as opportunities for growth and evolution and I am going to be happy inspite of them, without  becoming stuck, traumatized or devastated.

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