As an Intuitive Wellness Specialist, I  partner with you in creating strategies to manage adversity, build resilience and most importantly, to trust your inner-knowing. Accessing your intuition allows your authentic self to thrive guiding the way to Beingwhole!

My  style is empathic, intuitive and nurturing.  My mission is to empower, enhance and inspire others to live a whole life comprised of mental, physical, spiritual, social and emotional health and well being.  My philosophy of care integrates the “Whole 5” modules (mind-body-spirit-social-emotional) which are interconnected with one another. When we give attention to each of them we have the ability to come back to a centered state.  Incorporating the practice of caring for the “Whole 5” also imparts an empowering lesson, that we have some control over our lives based on our attitude and the choices we make. 











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While there are certainly more than 8 benefits of working with and Intuitive Wellness Specialist, I've narrowed it down to what I believe to be the most significant.


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Every great change is preceded by chaos.

Deepak Chopra